Matt's Staff Application


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Title – Matt | Staff Application | Date: 08/10/21

Have you read over the Staff Requirements?: Yes

Name (Steam): Matt

Steam-ID: 76561199175021713

Age: 17

Time-zone: Mountain Standard Time

How long have you been a part of the community?: Not very long at all

Total hours on the server: Not sure exactly but not a lot

Total amount of time on Garry’s Mod: On this account 18 hours but I used to own an account with 1500 plus hours on Garry's mod and can show proof if needed

Do you have any prior Staffing Experience? If so, explain:
Yes several servers I was a super admin on a death run server for about a year before it shut down I was a moderator on a really old server called unitedRp which as has also shut down like most of these amazing servers sadly I was admin on a server called chemicalRP for 2 years it was gonna reopen but couldn't get the funding and then I was a super admin on another old server called wolf RP for a year before it died and shut down sadly I miss being staff

Essay Section

Why should you be accepted into the staff team?: I wanna help the community and make the server better for people I enjoy Garry's mod a ton and play it a lot I'm always very active as a staff member and I'll usually be on a majority of the day I have a lot of free time and Garyys mod is one of my favorite games and I all out just enjoy helping and making the server a better place for new players and players who have been apart of the community for a while

What puts you above other applicants?: I don't wanna say there is anything that puts me above other applicants besides that I think I'd be more active than most I have a ton of free time and I'm usually always on top of things on the server I like to RP occasionally but I mostly will be on duty I love helping the server and just making a more positive community I wanna be a staff member that people get excited for when I come online or just to be well known and have the community like me and I love Garry's mod and I wanna get my hours upon this account since I lost my old one

What can you bring to the staff team?: I feel like I'd be able to bring a more active and positive effect on the server and other players and the staff team just the all-out mood I love talking to people I can talk to people for hours if I want too I always try to look at peoples perspectives from both sides as I am a huge believer in fairness and I think I'm just an all-out funny person and I always tend to lighten the mood and make people laugh because it makes me so happy to either make people laugh or just help people, in general, those are my favorite things also It seems like this server has a small staff team at the moment so I would love ti help promote the server and keep things in check as it gets more popular.

Terminology Section

Define RDM, and how should a user violating this rule be punished?:
Rdm is where a player entity decides to kill another play entity without a sufficient excuse of why did they do that act.
Ex. Player entity Cheese decides to RPG/blow-up Cookie because he thinks it would be very fun to do.

Define RDA, and how should a user violating this rule be punished?:
RDA stands for Random Arrest and refers to when someone gets arrested for no apparent reason. A user who breaks this rule can be punished in a variety of ways, depending on how many times they break it. Punishments can include a warning, a kick, or even a ban sometimes.

Define FailRP, and explain when this rule would be violated?:
FailRP occurs when you are unable to roleplay effectively and do things that your character would not be capable of doing.
Ex. Player entity Toast decides to kidnap/bound Butter entity but then butter pulls out a weapon and shoots Player entity Toast

Define FailCP, and explain when this rule would be violated?
When a Civil Protection employee issues a warrant or arrests you on the basis of a "suspicion" that you have printers or other illegal devices in your house, this is known as FailCP. Civil Protection cannot be crooked, possess doors, or conduct anything that result in breaching the law until they witness such unlawful objects.

Define Metagaming, and give an example of when this occurs?:
Metagaming is when you act on information that your character doesn't have. This can happen if anything is stated in the /occ that involves a felony, and the mayor issues a Warrant against that player. /ooc stands for Out of Character, and it is not something your character can learn from.

Scenario Section

What would you do if you saw a higher-up abusing their powers, and mistreating players?:
I would try to get some evidence if possible and imminently report to a higher-up staff member and or owner/manager

A player is continuously prop climbing, and has already been warned twice, what is the next step?:
I would bring them and jail them for about 5 min and let them know it's their last warning

A player is using voice chat to trash talk you on duty. How do you handle this situation?:
Either ignore them because it doesn't matter what they are saying to me or gag them for a few min depending on what they are saying

A player leaves during a sit, or after being jailed. What is this called, How should you handle this?:
If I'm correct it is called LTAP and I would jail them and warn them for LTAP and whatever else they did as well.

A player is harassing other players. What should you do?:
I would try to ask them to stop or they will be gagged and if they continue on for a bit ill gag them for a few min as a temp warning.
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